About Murray

The electorate of Murray is the second largest in NSW.

The vast, rural electorate of Murray is one of the largest in NSW. It takes in an area of 107,362 square kilometres and stretches across to the borders of South Australia and Victoria. It is home to just under 82,900 people.

The electorate is the traditional country of a number of Aboriginal tribes, including the Paakantji, Ngyiampaa and Mutthi Mutthi. These people care for their country at Mungo, which is part of Mungo National Park and the world heritage listed Willandra Lakes region. The national park is home to the remains of Mungo Man and Mungo Lady, dating back to more than 40,000 years ago.

The electorate derives its name from the Murray River. This mighty river winds its way from Barooga on the Victorian border right through to Wentworth and then onto the South Australian border.

However, the Murray is not the only river to traverse the electorate, with the Murrumbidgee, Darling, Edward and Lachlan Rivers also featuring throughout.

The river system, comprising mainly the southern Murray Darling Basin gives life to the rich, fertile soils throughout much of the electorate, making the area one of the agricultural powerhouses of Australia. Much of the electorate has access to irrigation.

The following centres are in the Murray electorate: Anabranch North, Anabranch South, Aratula, Argoon, Arumpo, Balranald, Barham, Barooga, Barratta, Beelbangera, Benerembah, Berrigan, Bilbul, Binya, Birganbigil, Blighty, Boeill Creek, Booligal, Boomanoomana, Boorga, Booroorban, Bullatale, Bunnaloo, Buronga, Burraboi, Caldwell, Calimo, Carrathool, Clare, Cobramunga, Coleambally, Conargo, Coomealla, Corbie Hill, Coree, Corrong, Cudgel, Cunninyeuk, Curlwaa, Dareton, Darlington Point, Deniliquin, Dhuragoon, Dilpurra, Ellerslie, Erigolia, Euroley, Euston, Finley, Gogeldrie, Gol Gol, Gonn, Goodnight, Goolgowi, Griffith, Gunbar, Hanwood, Hartwood, Hatfield, Hay, Hay South, Hillston, Keri Keri, Koraleigh, Kyalite, Lake Brewster, Lake Wyangan, Lalalty, Leeton, Lindifferon, Logie Brae, Mabins Well, Mallan, Mathoura, Maude, Mayrung, Melbergen, Mellool, Merriwagga, Merungle Hill, Moama, Monak, Monia Gap, Moolpa, Moonbria, Morago, Mossgiel, Moulamein, Mourquong, Mulwala, Murrami, Murray Downs, Myall Park, Myrtle Park, Nericon, Niemur, Noorong, One Tree, Oxley, Pan Ban, Paringi, Pine Lodge, Pomona, Pooncarie, Pretty Pine, Rankins Springs, Roto, Rufus, Savernake, Speewa, Stanbridge, Steam Plains, Stony Crossing, Stud Park, Tabbita, Tantonan, Tharbogang, Thule, Thyra, Tocumwal, Tooleybuc, Tooranie, Trentham Cliffs, Tullakool, Tuppal, Wakool, Wallanthery, Wandook, Wanganella, Warburn, Warragoon, Warrawidgee, Waugorah, Wentworth, Wetuppa, Whitton, Widgelli, Willbriggie, Willurah, Womboota, Yanco, Yanga, Yenda, Yoogali.

The electorate is ideally serviced by a number of major transport links, including the Sturt Highway, the Kidman Way, the Newell Highway and Cobb Highway.

Industries across the electorate include rice, grapes, citrus, irrigated and dryland cereals, wool, sheep, cattle, poultry, vegetables and horticulture.  New and emerging commodities are cotton and nuts. Many innovative and world-class processing industries have established in the area, including engineering, wineries and food processing.

Murray is a regional electorate lying in the southwestern corner of the state.

It encompasses several local government areas, namely Wentworth Shire, Balranald Shire, Carrathool Shire, the City of Griffith, Leeton Shire, Hay Shire, Murrumbidgee Shire, Wakool Shire, Murray Shire, Edward River Council and Berrigan Shire.

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